Vulic Law is again ranked among the leading law firms in Serbia

29. March 2024.

Vulic Law is delighted to announce that Legal 500 has again ranked the firm among the leading law offices in Serbia. Clients have particularly emphasized our efficient and hands-on approach to solving complex legal issues. We consider this kind of recognition a confirmation of our previous work and efforts, but also a motivation for further […]

Vulic Law Facilitates Historic Financing Deal for Serbian Company with IFC

22. February 2024.

Vulic Law has played a pivotal role in facilitating the largest green financing transaction for a Serbian company to date. Acting as legal counsel to the International Finance Corporation, Vulic Law provided expert guidance in a landmark deal that saw IFC extend a substantial loan to Drenik Nd, a major tissue paper producer and distributor […]

Obligation for electronic archiving from 1 January 2024.

28. December 2023.

Electronic archiving for reliable storage The Regulation pertaining to electronic archiving in Serbia applies specifically to creators and owners of archival and documentary material in electronic form, encompassing both legal and natural persons engaged in economic and non-economic activities. While legal entities may face penalties for non-compliance, no sanctions are anticipated for natural persons or […]

Getting Ready for EXPO 2027: Support for Serbia’s Hospitality Sector

11. December 2023.

To invigorate the hospitality industry and drive tourism, the Serbian Government has modified the Decree governing incentives for attracting direct investments in the hotel accommodation services sector. This adjustment aims to stimulate hotel development, responding directly to the increased demand for lodging due to the forthcoming international exhibition, EXPO Belgrade 2027. Qualifying for subsidies tied […]

Overview of the Law on Amendments to the Law on Excise in Serbia

07. November 2023.

Law on Excise: taxation on energy products, tobacco and alcohol The Law on Amendments to the Law on Excise (“the Law“) was officially published in the Republic of Serbia’s Official Gazette under number 75/2023 on September 6, 2023. It took effect on September 14, 2023, and its provisions have been applied from October 1, 2023. […]

Labor Law Employee Rights After Wrongful Dismissal

02. November 2023.

Employees have their own labor set of options and rights In the realm of labor law, there exists a complex web of rights and remedies designed to protect the interests of employees who have been dismissed from their jobs. While employers must adhere to stringent notice procedures when terminating employment, employees have their own set […]

Overview of the Amendments to Serbia’s Law on Information Security

23. October 2023.

Empowering Information Security: New Directive of EU (NIS 2 Directive) In our increasingly interconnected world, information security has become paramount. The protection of sensitive data, critical infrastructure, and personal information is not only a national concern but a global one. To address the evolving challenges in this domain, the Law on Information Security is being […]

Navigating the Legal Labyrinth: Serbia’s Hospitality Industry

06. October 2023.

What laws and regulations are important for Serbia’s Hospitality Industry? The Serbian hospitality industry is navigating a complex landscape characterized by rising tourist demands, increasing overnight stays, labor shortages, slowly easing inflation, and significant changes brought about by events like EXPO 2027. These factors are collectively positioning Serbia on the global tourism map. In July […]

Labor Law: An Employee’s Right to Monetary Compensation for Annual Leave

28. September 2023.

Distinct Purpose of Employee’s Right to Annual Leave and How to Use it In the realm of labor law, the entitlement to annual leave stands as a fundamental right for employees, a privilege enshrined in the Labor Law (“Official Gazette of RS,” no. 24/2005, 61/2005, 54/2009, 32/2013, 75/2014, 13/2017 – CC decision, 113/2017, and 95/2018 […]

Personal Data Protection: Serbia’s Vision for Data Protection 2023-2030

18. September 2023.

The importance of Personal Data Protection The period from 2023 to 2030 calls for a robust Personal Data Protection Strategy, necessitating the enactment of new legislation to align with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Police Directive. This legislation aims to ensure the effective safeguarding of individuals’ rights and privacy. In an era […]