Fighting against Cybercrime: Legal Perspective

07. February 2023.

Cybersecurity and the Law: What You Need to Know to Fight Cybercrime Cybersecurity is an issue which goes beyond legal regulation and its proper implementation and use depends on a series of technical, procedural, organizational and legal measures. Critical infrastructure, network and information systems and services, such as e-banking and e-commerce, play a significant role […]

Differences between a public (open) joint stock company and non public (closed) joint stock company

20. June 2022.

According to the Companies Act (“Off. Herald of RS”, Nos. 36/2011, 99/2011, 83/2014 – other law, 5/2015, 44/2018, 95/2018, 91/2019 and 109/2021) (hereinafter “The Act”) a joint stock company is a company whose share capital is divided in stocks held by one or more stockholders who are not liable for the company’s obligations, except in […]

Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Civil Procedure: Challenges and Solutions

17. June 2021.

On 19 May 2021, the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia (the “Ministry“) published on its official website the Draft Law on Amendments to the Law on Civil Procedure (the “Draft Law“) which brought substantial changes to the provisions governing civil procedure. These amendments have provoked controversies and debate in the Serbian community […]

What major changes will the new Law on Electronic Invoicing bring?

24. May 2021.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Law on Electronic Invoicing (hereinafter: the Law) which entered into force on 7 May 2021. The Law determines the scope of entities authorized to access and use the data available in the system of electronic invoices, as well as the conditions and manner under which […]

Draft Law on Bankruptcy: More Economical and Efficient Solutions

02. April 2021.

According to the information accessible by the Bankruptcy Supervision Agency, as of the 1st of April 2021, there are 1813 active bankruptcy proceedings in total on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The average duration of proceedings initiated according to the Law on Bankruptcy is 1 year, 8 months. The draft law on the […]

Hotel Industry in the COVID-19 Pandemic Times: What (Legal) Challenges Does the Hospitality Industry Face?

12. February 2021.

The COVID-19 virus pandemic continues to have an effect on the hospitality industry, with certain forecasts suggesting that it could take more than five years for this sector to fully recover. The complexity and importance of the hospitality industry and its impact on the economy in general and other local businesses is making it more […]