The Future of Renewables: Green & Blue Hydrogen Production in Serbia

24. August 2023.

Hydrogen production plant for both green and blue hydrogen The commencement of Serbia’s hydrogen production journey is planned to materialize around 2025, signifying a critical shift towards sustainable energy solutions. In the same year Serbia should start producing green hydrogen, which is also a solution for storing excess energy from solar power plants and wind […]

New Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction

03. August 2023.

Pave the Way to Easier Legalization On 26th of July 2023, the Serbian Parliament adopted the amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction. The primary goal of these amendments is to simplify the process of legalizing illegally developed buildings and obtaining building permits in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. One of the significant […]

Amendments to the Law on Residence and Employment of Foreigners

02. August 2023.

Amendments to the Law on Residence and Employment of Foreigners: Simplifying the Process of Obtaining Residence and Work Permits for Foreigners in Serbia Combining&simplifying the procedures of obtaining temporary residence and work permit On July 27, the Serbian Parliament made significant changes to the Law on Employment of Foreigners and the Law on Foreigners. The […]

Green Financing in Serbia: An Overview of the Green Agenda

01. August 2023.

Green Financing aims to support projects for cleaner energy and engage the private sector Green Financing in Serbia: Global warming, climate change, and other environmental concerns are pressing issues that affect the entire world population. It is increasingly evident that achieving a sustainable future demands significant investments from the private sector, which is primarily driven […]

Serbian Tax Administration launched its web portal for freelancers

24. July 2023.

Allowing freelancers to estimate their tax accurately The Serbian Tax Administration officially launched its web portal for freelancers on 30 June 2023, marking a significant milestone in facilitating tax return submissions for this demographic. The primary objective of this portal is to streamline the process of tax return submissions for freelancers. Specifically, it caters to […]

Government Initiatives and Tax Reliefs Drive Startup Ecosystem Development

04. July 2023.

Serbia’s Government Strategy for the Startup Ecosystem Development showcases the nation’s commitment to nurturing innovation and fostering a thriving startup scene. Serbia is fostering a vibrant startup ecosystem and promoting innovation is exemplified by the government’s comprehensive strategy for the period 2021-2025. Through a range of incentives and tax reliefs, Serbia aims to accelerate the […]

Government of Serbia Adopts Draft Amendments to Planning and Construction Act

29. June 2023.

Noteworthy aspects from the Draft Amendments to Planning and Construction Act On 4th of May 2023, The Government of the Republic of Serbia convened to discuss and adopt the Proposal of Amendments to the Law on Planning and Construction. These amendments are set to bring about significant changes within the construction sector, aiming to streamline […]

Embracing EU Consumer Protection Regulations: Challenges and Opportunities for Serbian Producers

05. June 2023.

Straightening the Consumer Protection The European Parliament recently approved amendments to the proposal for a Directive that aims to enhance consumer protection and promote sustainable practices. These changes will require domestic producers to adapt to new regulations established by the European Union (EU) in the realm of consumer protection. The amendments, which harmonize the regulations […]

Vulic Law at the “SEE Automotive – Connect&Supply”

01. June 2023.

The recent “SEE Automotive – Connect&Supply” conference held on 30 and 31 May 2023 in Crown Plaza Hotel in Belgrade was attended by Milos Vulic, Founding Partner of Vulic Law. The conference brought together around 300 attendees including OEM manufacturers, TIER1&2 companies, and relevant public institutions to further help development of automotive industry in the […]

What are the implications of the recently announced amendments to the Law on Foreigners and the Law on Employment of Foreigners?

19. May 2023.

Proposals for amendments to the Law on Foreigners and the Law on Employment of Foreign Citizens to the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia These proposed amendments are aimed at simplifying the process for obtaining temporary residence permits and work permits for foreign citizens in Serbia, which is currently considered to be an excessive […]