Did you know? The Republic Geodetic Authority on a lockdown

The Republic Geodetic Authority (RGA) is a special state organization that performs, among other activities, professional and state administration tasks related to state survey, real estate cadastre basic geodetic work, real estate valuation, etc.

The IT infrastructure of the RGA has been the target of an intense hacker attack since Tuesday, June 14. According to the RGA announcement, in order to protect data, the RGA activated all security and locked the entire information system, making the issuance of building permits rather difficult, among other things.

The normal functioning of the real estate market was enabled on June 22. Over the course of that day, the RGA had received 1855 requests for various applications. Moreover, on June 28, 650 geodetic organizations and 2000 law firms, which have electronic communication (e-submissions) with RGA, gained access to the e-Counter again.

Having this in mind, in the following period it still will not be possible to work with clients at the cadastre counters. Citizens will not be able to access the cadastre premises until the security conditions have been met.